Interim management or Consulting

In case of an unplanned vacancy gap in the company’s top-level or middle-level management, or a temporary management position as well as specialists for special projects are needed, we can contribute our experience and competencies in it.

For that we have developed a core competence in project management, restructuring, sanitation, process optimization, development and implementation of new logistics systems (ERP) whereby time-limited takeover of operative line performance can be done by us.

A reorganization of a corporate logistics into a structured and powerful logistics company leads, as a rule, to the improvemnet of the logistics costs and goal-oriented delivery quality. While organizing a logistics company it should be carved out which forms of the organization are feasible and successful, how hierarchical placement is done and how high the degree of centralization of tasks and responsibilities should be at a company.

As a determining factor for the success in regrouping is however willingness and ability to manage occurring problems and intergrate new insights directly into the process during the introduction phase.